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This 2-bedroom apartment is a perfect choice for great family vacation. One of its main features is spacious terrace with sun bed and chair. Here you can enjoy breathtaking sea view of the coast line and have an unforgettable time. Terrace is protected from rain and wind. Another bedroom also has a balcony that is covered with Crimean grapes. It creates a special atmosphere. Water closet and bathroom have a high quality repair as well as sanitary engineering from the leading European brands. You will certainly appreciate their modern design. Hot and cold running water is available 24 hours a day. You will feel warm and cozy in winter due to a central heating.

Kitchen has all necessary equipment which includes fridge, electric kettle, hood, gas hob, washing machine and all necessary cutleries.

Bedrooms are located separately from each other. Both of them have doable bed and sofa. In addition all the bedrooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable and satellite television, 36-inch LCD TV, DVD and Wi-Fi.

This apartment is available for rent all year round. We try to do our best in order to make your stay really pleasant and comfortable. In addition to all abovementioned facilitates you will be provided with bedclothes of the highest quality as well as slippers, shampoo, shower gel and other necessary stuff absolutely free!



About Us

Yalta city center is here, the story is everywhere - in the "Rakushechnaya" laying darkened from time to time, in the descendants of local people whose ancestors were lucky traders and skilled fishermen in the plaques on the walls of old houses in the winding ribbons of roads and wooden balconies.
Yalta city center is here, it is not anywhere else in the side street. Drazhinskogo is another Yalta.
In a convenient, comfortable, modern guest house, which we called "Voyage", in the silence of the noise environment near the sea and you will not hurt the nightlife of the city, in the middle of the street which started Yalta. And we are unobtrusive.

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